Stress & Burnout

The Streamlined Strategy

Is the Streamlined Strategy right for me?

If you are a smaller business with a smaller team then the Streamlined Strategy might be right for you. For companies that are managing time and budget constraints, we also offer a streamlined version of the training which covers the main points without breaking the bank. 

In this package the key elements of our suicide prevention training are consolidated into a two hour session, designed to fit around a busy working day.

After the training, we will evaluate the work we have done with you and consider the next steps for your business. We will guide you on how to embed the training into the company and plan ongoing processes for managing stress and burnout. 


What is included?

2 hour Stress & Burnout Training.

30 minutes debrief call to discuss ongoing management.

Training Modules

-Understanding emotional wellbeing

-Understanding stress and burnout

Recognising the early signs of stress

-Supporting colleagues

Developing a helpful work culture

-Strategies for managing stress

What is the process?

Step 1

Contact us (here) and arrange a time for us to deliver the streamlined version of our Stress & Burnout training.

Step 2

Run the 2 hour Stress & Burnout training. Our team will distribute evaluation forms to the attendees to gather data on the impact of the training.

Step 3

We will spend time analysing the evaluation forms to prepare feedback on the effectiveness of the training and staff views around ongoing support needs. We will contact you to arrange the debrief call.

Step 4

We will spend 30 minutes discussing the feedback. Together we will consider options for ongoing stress and burnout management within the company.

Your Investment

£1950 + VAT