Crisis Management Plan

What is a Crisis Management Plan?

A crisis management plan or CMP is a document that clearly describes how your business will respond in a mental health crisis, including who will be involved and what they will do. 

We will design a bespoke CMP that details tailor made procedures for managing mental health crises and suicide prevention in your company. The processes for escalating issues of mental health risk will be clearly set out, including who should be informed, the roles and responsibilities of different staff members and the appropriate documentation to keep. The CMP will include all contact numbers and key details, ensuring that all the necessary information is collated in one place. 

Why do we need a Crisis Management Plan?

There are several benefits to developing a crisis management plan. Taking the time to create a thorough document is a proactive way to safeguard your staff and business, as this ensures that there is a pre-approved protocol to follow and detailed guidance on how to respond. This will ensure that your staff are all acting according to a psychologically driven protocol, that meets the legal requirements for businesses operating in the UK.

Why us?

Our highly knowledgeable team have extensive experience of developing crisis management plans for corporations including the NHS. We have tried and tested escalation protocols and we undertsnad the importance of tailoring these to your compnay and making these readily accesible to staff, including for staff who may not be familiar with issues of mental health. 

Your Investment

£950 + VAT